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We are a small independent publishing house, a member of the Autus Group, specialising in books on education.  Follow us on Twitter: @AutusBooks. Visit our Facebook page:


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Give the performance of a lifetime

FREE download for school leavers

Apprentice finalist shares top tips for getting a job

Our best-selling book

Everything you need to know about spelling, punctuation and grammar

What is character and how do we teach it?

Former professional wrestler Jeff Bearden talks exclusively to Autus

A helping hand on the journey to outstanding

A book about pedagogy

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Download a free poster on classroom design

How to be successful at interview

Your complete guide to the SLT application and interview process

Literacy across the curriculum

How to develop outstanding literacy across the curriculum in your school

How to grow your own intelligence

The importance of a growth mindset in the classroom

A list of statutory school policies…

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