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Practical handbooks for busy teachers


Books by Matilda Rose

spagSPaG Book 

Our best-selling book

This book is the perfect companion for teachers of spelling, punctuation, and grammar…and now the National Curriculum and Ofsted consider EVERY teacher to be a teacher of literacy, that means you! Whether you’re a grammar novice who doesn’t know his adverbs from his elbow, or an expert English teacher who never splits his infinitives, this book has something for you.

SPaG Book is also your one-stop-shop for checking spelling, punctuation, and grammar rules. It answers all those thorny questions about how to spell commonly mis-spelt words, how to use semi-colons, and how to avoid dangling your participles or ending your sentences with prepositions. Click here for more info

literacyOutstanding Literacy 

A teacher’s guide to literacy across the curriculum

In this book, Matilda Rose gets to grips with the thorny issue of Literacy Across the Curriculum. She offers a convincing argument that literacy is a matter for every teacher not just teachers of English, and shares a range of strategies for teaching the three strands of literacy: speaking and listening; reading; and writing. Once again, Rose creates a perfect blend of theory and practice, offering something for everyone. Click here for more info

Mastery LearningMastery Learning 

New for 2016

Coming soon


Books by M J Bromley

Leadership for LearningLeadership for Learning

A school leader’s handbook

This book is a practical handbook for busy senior leaders – a book of ideas which you can put into practice, which can be dipped into when help and advice are needed most. ‘Leadership for Learning’ recognises that the job of leading schools – as with leading any organisation – is complex and nuanced. To begin with, each leader is different: each leader has a personality and style of his or her own which is the culmination of unique life and work experiences. Each school, too, is different and requires a personalised approach. Each student and each situation is different and they require a pinch of pragmatism and common sense, plus a generous helping of humanity. No problem is the same as the previous one and therefore no solution can be the same. Click here for more info

How to Become a School LeaderHow to Become a School Leader

The secret of success at interview

This book is your complete guide to the recruitment process. From application form to interview, from subject leaders to headteachers, this is the perfect handbook for aspiring middle and senior leaders. Click here for more info

The IQ MythThe IQ Myth

How to grow your own intelligence

Alfred Binet invented the IQ test – not as a measure of innate intellect or ability, nor as a number by which someone’s capabilities could be determined – but as a way of identifying children who were not profiting from the Paris public school system. Binet, far from believing IQ was a measure of natural-born talent, said that anyone could achieve anything with “practice, training, and above all, method”. Taking these three words – uttered a century ago – as its premise, “The IQ Myth” explores the importance of hard work and practice – rather than innate ability or intellect – in improving one’s intelligence. Click here for more info

Teach 1Teach

The journey to outstanding

This book has something for everyone: from the NQT looking for teaching tips to the experienced school principal looking for leadership inspiration. It offers teaching advice about evidence-based classroom practice and leadership advice about improving the quality of teaching in schools and colleges. It covers an impressive range of topics including: Defining outstanding teaching and learning; Using formative feedback, questioning, and differentiation in the classroom; Managing classroom behaviour and creating a culture of excellence; Improving the process of lesson observation and evaluation; Improving professional development inc the use of coaching and lesson study; Using cognitive science to improve lesson planning and delivery; Developing a growth mindset culture in the classroom; …and much more besides! Click here for more info


Books by Sam Ripley


Ofsted Thriving Not Surviving 

**New edition for the September 2015 Common Inspection Framework coming soon**

This is the fourth edition. It continues to feature in the education bestsellers chart and garner 5 star reviews from school leaders who have relied on it to help them through inspection. This edition peels back the palimpsest of Ofsted guidance and analyses how the framework has evolved since January 2012. It brings us up to date with an exploration of the September 2014 framework, including: how Early Years and Sixth Forms will be inspected separately; how the quality of teaching will be judged without graded lesson observations; how progress will be assessed without the use of national curriculum level. Click here for more info

Coming soon

Ofsted Thriving Not Surviving – FIFTH EDITION

Updated for the September 2015 Ofsted Common Inspection Framework

Details coming soon


Books by Jim Matthews

Effective Performance Management for SchoolsEffective Performance Management for Schools 

Coming soon

Details to follow


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